Phuket Island

Phuket is now internationally recognized as Asia’s premier residential tropical island.

The island welcomes over 4 million visitors per year to an exceptional international lifestyle with tropical hillsides, stunning beaches, vibrant towns and villages and a colorful 500 year history.

Located approximately one hour flying time from Bangkok and a short journey from Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong, the island is serviced by an international airport with direct flights to and from major cities in Asia, Europe & Australia.

Phuket’s property sector continues to exceed expectations, evidenced by the speed with which high-end developments are being snapped up by investors. As prices in the traditional hotspots such as Spain and France keep increasing, Phuket is likely to continue it’s strong value growth phase.

With seemingly endless beaches of glistening white sand, spectacular scenery and clear tranquil waters, Phuket possesses all the qualities that epitomize indulgence and luxury.

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